Call for Effective Rehabilitation Services in Prisons

Posted on June 24th, 2015 in Local News

In Justice Questions on Tuesday 23rd June 2015, Keith raised the important issue of drug use in prisons with Lord Chancellor Michael Gove, which is a major factor in repeated offences and the ‘cycle’ of imprisonment.

Keith said: 

Thirty-five per cent. of prisoners have a drug addiction and 6% acquire that addiction while in prison. What specific help is being given to those with a drug addiction when they come out of prison?

Michael Gove said:

The right hon. Gentleman is absolutely right that drug addiction is one of the principal factors that lead individuals to commit crime. It is also the case that there is an unacceptable level of drug use, both of illegal drugs and so-called legal highs, in our prisons. We are determined to ensure that the psychological support currently available in prison, and the support rehabilitation companies can provide for individuals who are drug-addicted, is enhanced so that individuals can be weaned off a habit that brings misery to themselves and to their victims.