Home Affairs Committee Evidence Session – College of Policing

Posted on April 20th, 2016 in Local News

On Tuesday 19th April, the Home Affairs Committee held evidence sessions to examine the work of the College of Policing, revisiting its inquiries held in the last Parliament.

The witnesses for this session included:

At 2.15pm

  • Steve White, Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales
  • Andy Fittes, General Secretary, Police Federation of England and Wales
  • Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas, President Elect, Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales

At 3.00pm

  • Janet Davies FRCN, Chief Executive and General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing
  • Dr Anya Hunt, Chief Executive, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

At 3.30pm

  • Alex Marshall, Chief Executive, College of Policing
  • Rachel Tuffin, Director of Research Knowledge and Education, College of Policing