Keith asks residents for their views on prisoner voting rights

Posted on November 19th, 2012 in Local News

Keith has asked Leicester residents to send him their views on whether or not prisoners should be able to vote in elections.

The Government is expected to make a statement to the Commons on Thursday 22nd November which will outline proposed legislation on this issue. This follows a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights which says Britain must remove its blanket ban on prisoners voting by Friday 23rd November. Currently eighteen European countries, including Spain and the Netherlands, give prisoners the right to vote.

Potential options in the bill could include votes for those serving less than six months, or those serving less than four years. At present Australian prisoners are only allowed to vote if they are serving a sentence of less than three years.

You can send your views by email at or complete the short poll below:

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Should prisoners be able to vote?

 I don't know  No  Yes, but only if their sentence is less than six months  Yes, but only if their sentence is less than four years  Yes, the views and needs of prisoners should be represented

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Should prisoners be able to vote?