Keith holds Private Investigator’s seminar in Parliament.

Posted on May 16th, 2012 in National

Keith holds Private Investigator’s seminar in Parliament.

As part of its inquiry on Private Investigators, the Home Affairs Committee held a seminar on the regulation of the industry.

The Committee heard from Richard Thomas CBE, former Information Commissioner, two people who had been subject of a private investigation, as well as from private investigators themselves.

Keith, who chaired the seminar, heard how private investigators have been calling for regulation for over ten years. He was also shown a demonstration of the most up-to-date surveillance equipment including devices hiding in cardboard, plug sockets and clocks.

Keith Vaz said:

“Recent high profile events, such as the phone hacking scandal, have thrown light on the sometimes shady world of private investigators. Despite this the industry still remains entirely unregulated.

I was able to see this morning some of the equipment available to private investigators and hear the calls for regulation from the industry itself.

The Committee’s inquiry hopes to discover the full extent of the activities of private investigators and to decide whether the public, as well as the reputable side of the industry, should be protected by a regime of statutory regulation.”