Keith meets constituent hurt in unprovoked attack

Posted on January 14th, 2013 in Local News

Keith recently met Rajesh Devaliya, who was ambushed by four young men as he stepped into a lift in the housing block in St Mark’s, Leicester, where he lives with his elderly father.

As well as visiting Mr Devaliya, Keith spoke to residents on the estate.

He told council housing officials, who were also there for the visit, that they had 28 days to move the entrance intercom from the secluded rear of Mr Devaliya’s housing block to the front, which is more public.

Keith also asked the housing officials to see if other residents in other council complexes in the city were facing similar problems.

Keith said:

“We should feel safe to walk the local streets and go about our daily business without the fear of being attacked.  There have been many incidents of this kind in the area, some attacks go unreported for fear of reprisal.

 “We need better policing of our streets to protect local residents from such attacks”