Keith meets with Brenda Hughes, Najma Asghar-Bashir and Kerry Spriggs to discuss changes to benefits

Posted on November 16th, 2012 in Local News

Keith recently met with a group of local residents who are concerned that Government changes to the benefits system will leave them poorer.

In March 2012 the Government passed legislation for a new welfare benefit called Universal Credit to replace the existing means-tested benefits and tax credits. The benefit was introduced to cut costs and to ensure that people are better off in work then out of work. However concerns have been raised about the affect the new benefit will have on disabled people.

A recent report by the Children’s Society warned that up to 450,000 disabled claimants could lose out when this new benefit is introduced. Although designed to protect current claimants, many will lose out if there are changes in their circumstances, and the protection offered to current claimants will not rise with inflation so payments will dwindle over time.

Pictured are Brenda Hughes, Najma Asghar-Bashir and Kerry Spriggs.