Keith supports Send My Sister to School campaign

Posted on July 15th, 2011 in Local News

At the request of year 9 students Jasmin Sahota and Tanisha Patel, Keith Vaz visited their school, Soar Valley College today to support their Send My Sister to School campaign.

The students have been working on the campaign in order to promote awareness of the fact that 67 million children are currently not in education across the globe, most of them female. If the same number of girls were in school as boys there would be 3.6 million more girls in education today.

They want to change that. They have put on assemblies for the whole college, and have got the entire student body to sign a t-shirt to show their support for the campaign.

Keith Vaz was presented with this t-shirt in order to raise awareness in Parliament of the Send My Sister to School campaign.

Keith Vaz said:

“I am deeply concerned by the number of girls who do not have the opportunity for an education. An education is crucial to reducing poverty, improving general health, halting the spread of HIV and AIDS, and enabling people to play a full part in their communities and nations”

“The year 9 students have run an excellent campaign to raise awareness, and I will be proud to wear their signed Send My Sister to school t-shirt. I hope together we can make a difference.”