Leicester is among the least stressed cities in the UK

Posted on November 22nd, 2017 in Local News

Research was introduced this week about the amount of stress suffered by Britons across the country. 82% of people admitted to being stressed at least some of the time during a week with 1 in 10 people being stressed all of the time.


This research was carried out by AXA and this is what it found out about Leicester:

-1 in 5 Leicester residents never feel stressed during a week.

-Leicester is the fifth least stressed city in the UK- tied with Birmingham

-Personal finance is the biggest cause of stress for Leicester residents.


Ways to reduce stress would be:

1.Rest, sleep and eat well

2.Exercise is vital

3.Put your devices away before bedtime

4.Watching TV is good in the right doses

5.Seek help from a specialist