Leicester Mum’s war against knife crime reaches Parliament

Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Local News

Keith has presented a Bill to change the sentences for possession and murder with a knife, after a powerful and moving campaign by the mother of Tyler Thompson, Amy Morgan.

Tyler was a tragic victim of knife crime, and Amy Morgan is campaigning to change the law, in an effort to stop this from happening to other young people. The campaign has been supported by local Councillor Teresa Aldred who accompanied Amy to Westminster to watch the Bill being presented.

Keith said:

“Amy Morgan’s extraordinary campaign, supported by the tireless work of her local Councillor Teresa Aldred, deserves and demands Parliament’s attention. This Bill will be a message to Ministers that the status quo is not working, and that all action must be taken to prevent tragic deaths like Tyler’s.

The latest reports show that repeat offenders for possession of a knife are escaping from serving a prison sentence. A caution is not enough.

This is not a Leicester problem, this is not a London problem, this a national crisis, and increasing the minimum custodial sentence for those convicted of possession or committing murder with a knife is an immediate and tangible way to address this.”

Amy Morgan said:

“This campaign is for Tyler and every other person who has had their life cut short by those willing to carry and use deadly weapons. As someone who has experienced the worst possible moments a mother can, I do not anyone else to ever have to go through that ever again.

I hope that, with this Bill, Parliament will stand up and take notice of this scourge on our streets, and in Tyler’s name, we can make young people across the country safer.”

1)      Please find the full text of the Bill below:

Violent Crime (Sentences) Bill

A bill to increase the minimum custodial sentence on conviction for possession of a knife or other offensive weapon for an offender aged 18 years or over and to increase the minimum period of a detention and training order for a person aged 16 or 17; to set a minimum custodial sentence on conviction for an offender in possession of a knife or other weapon and intending to commit any offence or having such a weapon available to use in committing murder; and for connected purposes.