Letter from Tunisian Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Posted on November 26th, 2015 in Local News

Keith had written earlier in November to the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize laureates to congratulate them for their work and achievements. The National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia had been rewarded for helping the country’s transition to democracy in the aftermath of the Jasmin Revolution of 2011.

Keith received a letter in response to his message, of which you can find a translation below.

Translation of the Letter from the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet

Dear Sir,

It is with great pleasure and pride that we received your letter congratulating us for our Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2015.

We are very thankful and wish to restate our determination to promote dialogue as the solution to confront the challenges that lay ahead of Tunisia’s democratic transition.

The path towards the instauration of a pluralist democracy is a long and difficult one, and we are counting on everyone’s support to achieve such a goal.

“A culture of peace and non-violence promotes respect for the life and dignity of every human being without prejudice or discrimination of any kind”. Such was the UN’s choice for the world, and such is our choice for our nation. Furthermore, we are determined to collaborate with everyone to underline that the concepts of civilisation and violence are incompatible, and that non-violence is neither passive nor fruitless, but constitutes a powerful moral force in the service of social development.

We strongly believe that any reform imposed by force will not address this evil. Dialogue is the solution. This is our conviction, and it is the purpose of our struggle.

Yours sincerely,

Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet