Merlyn Vaz Walk in Centre Saved

Posted on April 11th, 2017 in Local News

Local health bosses have announced that the campaign to keep the Walk in facility at the Merlyn Vaz Centre has been successful. Thousands of Local people had signed a petition which was presented to Parliament to keep the Walk in facility open. The campaign was backed by all three local councillors Jean Khote, Luis Fonseca and Abdul Osman.

Keith said: “I am thrilled and delighted with the decision of the CCG. I want to thank The CCG for what it has done.  It is a victory for common sense. This is the right decision and I am glad that the thousands of local people who signed the petition to keep the Walk in Centre at its present site have been listened to. We need to work with local health bosses to develop these hubs we should make sure they have all the staffing and equipment they need to ease the pressure on A and E. That is why the next campaign will be to develop the facilities at the Leicester General Hospital. We want to have the best health facilities in the country and this decision will help us to achieve this.”

You can read the full statement by the CCG here.