Migration Crisis in the Mediterranean Raised with Prime Minister

Posted on March 24th, 2015 in Local News

Keith highlighted the growing crisis of migration and human trafficking in the Mediterranean, which has been caused by the political and security crisis in Libya.

The European Council Meeting in Brussels on the 19-20th March had highlighted the serious problems being caused by the chaos in Libya.

Keith said that we “have to deal with the source countries to help them stop migrants putting their lives at risk or being profited from by traffickers”

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, responded, “The right hon. Gentleman is absolutely right. We will not solve the problem simply by more sea patrols—nor, indeed, by returning to the Mare Nostrum policy, which sounded humanitarianly sound, but deaths at sea during the period of its operation increased fourfold. So there is no alternative to trying to stabilise these countries and deal with the problem at source. We are able to use our aid and other budgets, with European partners, to do that, and we should certainly do so.”