Police Minister Launches Respect Zone in Leicester

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Local News

Vernon Coaker MP, Minister for Police visited Humberstone in Leicester on the 9th February with the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP in order to make a major policy announcement. The Minister declared Leicester to be one of 40 national Respect Zones.

The Respect Zone initiative will direct more funding into the area for projects that will specifically target these problems.  These initiatives include family intervention projects to tackle difficult neighbours and more parenting classes for parents struggling with troublesome children.

Humberstone has in recent years experienced a rising level of crime and anti-social behaviour. Keith Vaz has been a supporter of a local campaign to introduce CCTV cameras to the Humberstone as exists in other wards in Leicester.

Keith Vaz MP said:

“Humberstone has been targeted by people wanting to do nothing more than cause harm to this community. I am disgusted by the criminal behaviour in the area which may appear petty but in reality causes great distress and frustration to local residents who wish to live in a safe environment.”

“By making the area a respect zone I believe these issues are on the way to being dealt with. Vernon Coaker MP will be shown the problems that Humberstone has experienced in recent years as I believe very strongly that this needs to stop now.”