Questions to the Home Office

Posted on February 23rd, 2016 in Local News

On Monday 22nd February Parliament held Home Office Questions, where MPs put questions to the Home Secretary and Home Office Ministers.

Keith raised the issue of cyber crime, asking:

Keith: Since the cyber-Minister (Security Minister John Hayes) is up to the mark, may I ask him about the activities of a website called Bestvalid, which was discovered recently selling the stolen bank details of 100,000 British citizens? Can he explain, as an up-to-the-minute cyber-Minister, how it was possible for this website to carry on for six months before being closed down, and how much of the £1.9 billion that he is targeting on cybercrime will be used proactively to close down sites of this kind?

Mr Hayes: The right hon. Gentleman knows, because his Select Committee has drawn attention to this in the past, that it is critically important that the Government work with all other agencies, including banks and private sector organisations, and the taskforce will be missioned to do that. It may be worth saying that this is summed up by the fact that the National Police Chiefs Council has publicly signed up to

“commit our full support to the objectives and actions of the…Taskforce” to “work in partnership to…protect the public from becoming victims of fraud and fraud scams, maximising opportunities to stop fraudsters from operating”, in exactly the way he recommends.