Statement 2nd October 2012

Posted on October 2nd, 2012 in Press releases

Statement 2nd October 2012

I have repeatedly asked the Telegraph to provide me with a copy of the report that is referred to in their article. I now understand that this is an ‘internal briefing note’.

Responsible journalism requires putting allegations to individuals in full so that they can reply in full. This has not happened.

I have never had 7 or 8 mortgages running concurrently. The implications being that I then owned 7 or 8 properties. This is untrue. The properties I owned between 1996-2001 are clearly set out in the 2001-2002 inquiry.

Various broadcasters and newspapers made extensive inquiries about these issues 13 years ago. All the properties I own apart from my family home are in the Register as they are required to be. All properties and rent received has been fully declared.