Tribute to Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Posted on October 28th, 2018 in Local News
This devasting  news will be seared in our minds forever. Khun Vichai was a kind and generous man a devoted father and grandfather and a good friend. He took this city to the top of the world. From that  great triumph we now have this unbearable tragedy. This City is in shock from ecstacy to agony in 2 years . No match at the King Power Stadium will ever be the same again. It is truely the saddest day in the Club’s history.
I travelled with him by train two weeks ago and he was greatly enjoying the season but he wanted to qualify for the Champions League again. His ambition for the Club was boundless. He enjoyed the total support of the fans who adored him and he loved them showering them all with special surprises. When we won the Championship I took him onto the roof of Parliament to celebrate.
The Premier League win was the stuff of legend. An impossible dream come true. His energy his drive his belief and his vision  made it all possible. He has a wonderful family who were inseperable from him. Their loss is unimaginable. But his legacy is all around us. We will never forget him. Leicester will always love him.