Tyler Thompson Memorial

Posted on November 25th, 2016 in Local News

Keith attended the first anniversary memorial service for Tyler Thompson, who was 16 years of age when he was killed, at City of Leicester College where Tyler was a student.

The memorial was led by Tyler’s mother Amy Morgan who spoke about Tyler his life and how he will be missed. She also said that carrying a knife destroys lives.  She thanked the Headteacher Anne Gregory and all the other staff for their support and  for installing a plaque  in memory of Tyler in the  college foyer. 

Bizzie Dixon (singer,writer and Anti-knife crime campaigner) spoke about the dangers of carrying a knife and encouraged young people to think twice.  The lives that are lost unnecessarily must stop.

Sgt Adrian Webb from Leicestershire Police spoke about the prevention of knife crimes and how with the help of Amy Morgan supporting the recent “Lives Not Knives Campaign” by the Police will have some effect on the young people who want to carry a knife for one reason or another and stop such tragedies happening again.

Keith expressed his sympathies and support for Tyler’s mother Amy Morgan and her family.
Keith said “Urgent action is needed to stop the knife carrying culture that is so prevalent in some young people. Much more needs to be done to raise awareness and educate the young people that carrying a knife can change their lives in an instant and the damage it can do.”

Keith has invited Amy Morgan to talk about the Anti- knife crime campaign “Lives Not Knives” in Parliament to bring about a change in the law, making it illegal for anyone to carry a knife.