Vaz angered by Rubbish near Tesco in Humberstone

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Local News

Residents in Humberstone contacted The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP to complain about the appalling amount of litter around Tesco in Humberstone and Hamilton Library and Learning Centre.

Whilst the area immediately around the store is cleaned regularly, the area just outside this perimeter near Hamilton Library is constantly covered with waste from food wrappers, drinks and old trolleys. Keith Vaz is concerned that no one seems to be taking responsibility for the removal of litter.

The local community believes that this problem is making the area in Humberstone and Hamilton less desirable to live in.

Keith Vaz MP said:

“I am disgusted by the state of the grassy areas around Tesco. For the litter to be as bad as it is at the moment it seems as though no one has done any litter picking in the area for a long time.”

“I understand that there is some confusion about who is responsible for tidying this area but it is about time someone stood up and took responsibility for this mess for the sake of everyone who lives here.”