Vaz concerned with damage caused by Travellers

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Press releases

6 June 2007 – Press Release

Local residents are frustrated by the continual damage to Bellflower Road caused as a result of Travellers moving to and from their campsite next to Hamilton Lake, in Hamilton, Leicester.

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP and local Councillor Ramilla Shah will be joined by local residents this Friday at 11.45am to convey their anger at this situation. The Road has been littered and fences and grassy sites destroyed by caravans that use Bellflower Road as a thoroughfare to the campsite. In previous years they have entered the site via Waterside Road but this has since been blocked off by Leicester City Council.

Keith Vaz MP said:

I have no problem with Travellers using allocated pitches in Leicester for their campsites. However when they use prohibited sites and destroy the local environment action has to be taken”

I understand that the Council have worked hard in the past to stop travellers entering this area but they have not done enough and this issue is only getting worseLocal residents deserve a resolution to this issue now.”