Vaz Demands Better Access to Hamilton Library

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Local News

Residents joined Keith Vaz MP outside Hamilton Library and learning centre to protest about the high pavements in front of this library and in front of the doctor’s surgery next door.

The elderly, those with disabilities or with young children in pushchairs have been denied access to the brand new library, unable to safely access due to the badly thought out pavements.

Keith Vaz MP would like this situation to be resolved as soon as possible with a lowering of the pavements so that all of the community can enjoy the new library.

Keith Vaz said:

“Communities are solidified by their amenities such as libraries and necessities such as doctor’s surgeries. To neglect to make these safely and easily accessible to all members of the community is shear discrimination.”

“As well as the issue of equal access to all there is also the issue of safety. Doctors are essential to everyone but especially the elderly and young children; it’s insane to think that when these pavements were planned nobody considered this. I think that it’s a disgrace and the pavements need to be re-built, more care should be taking in future planning.”