Vaz Demands Parking be Sorted

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Local News

Mr Vaz met with residents and shop-owners on Uppingham Road on Friday the 10th November to launch a petition for the construction of a parking area at an adjacent piece of waste land.

Residents and shoppers around 184 Uppingham Road have contacted Mr Vaz about the increasingly impossible parking situation on this particular stretch. Due to the lack of space, visitors to the area are parking left right and centre, ignoring yellow lines and disability markings. A dedicated parking area would solve this problem and help tremendously.

Mr Vaz said:

“This is a huge problem for local residents and visitors; it also has an impact on the traffic going in an out of town. There are several slots of waste land that could be converted into parking lots which would be beneficial both for shoppers and shop keepers.”