Vaz says Tesco must move cautiously over extension

Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Press releases

9th June 2008

Vaz says Tesco must move cautiously over extension

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz met last Friday with representatives of Tescos and voiced his concern about any further extension of the Hamilton Tesco store without full consultation with local residents.

Mr Vaz said he was worried because whenever Tesco sought an extension they were keen to engage with the local community, once this extension was granted it was extremely difficult to get Tesco to either cut the grass on their open spaces or to remove trolleys. The peace meal relocation of the district centre is only half the issue, the other half is making sure that there is sufficient community facilities such as a pub and local community halls.

Keith Vaz said “I have asked Tesco to hold a full scale public meeting to discuss what they want to see happen in the local area. We do not want a repetition of what happened last time where a meeting behind closed doors arranged for the largest extension of Tesco that we have ever seen in Leicester. The local community has not benfited at all.”

Mr Vaz has written to Tesco’s and the local council and requested a public meeting be arranged.”