Posted on June 14th, 2011 in Local News

18 June 2008


Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, is encouraging his constituents to contact him to inform them about their views on modern policing. He wants to hear from victims of crime, police officers and ordinary members of the public about whether the police have the right people in the right places, focusing on the right things.

The Home Affairs Select Committee, is currently holding an inquiry into how expectations of the police have changed and the resources the police have to meet these expectations; particularly the effect of heightened concerns about terrorism, immigration, gun and knife crime, and identity fraud; public involvement in local policing; the roles of and relationship between PCs and PCSOs; use of technology to enable police officers to return to the beat; how police spend their budgets; and workforce recruitment and retention.

The inquiry is looking at policing across England and Wales, but Committee Members will draw on their experiences as constituency MPs. Any comments Keith Vaz receives will give him a better understanding of what the public in Leicester expects of the police as he leads the Committee’s inquiry.

If you would like to submit your comments to this survey please do so by writing to him at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or emailing him at by 15 July 2008.

Keith Vaz MP said:

It is so important that views of the public are heard as part of this inquiry. Any comments made to me will help inform the views of the committee in its deliberations. I hope that people use this opportunity to make constructive comments about how they would like to see policing change or even what they like about the service they have received.”

“Our police forces are excellent, but we need to look at ways to make their jobs easier and achieve better results for the public.”