Yemen Day in Parliament

Posted on January 10th, 2018 in Local News


The All Party Parliamentary Group hosted the second annual Yemen Day event in Parliament.

 Keith  as Chair of the APPG for Yemen chaired the event as MP’s, Peers, NGO’s and aid agencies and members of the public were on hand as the All Party Group hosted the first of its 3 evidence gathering sessions.

 Iona Craig the news reporter famous for her incisive reporting on Yemen was the keynote speaker, telling the large audience about her most recent experiences in Yemen.

This event focused on the Humanitarian crisis in Yemen and saw evidence submissions from Islamic Relief, Save the Children, The International Committee of the Red Cross, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Yemen Relief and Oxfam.

Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn spoke at the event about the terrible suffering that people of Yemen have felt during the conflict. This is another example of the leader of the opposition engaging with Yemen’s crisis having stated last month that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia should be suspended.

Andrew Mitchell MP  also spoke at the event and he along with Bob Stewart MP called for a new UN Security Council Resolution as a matter of urgency to end the conflict.

 Gill Furniss MP Alison Thewliss MP  Douglas Chapman MP Tim Loughton MP and Stuart McDonald MP each spoke about the imperative of ending the suffering of the Yemeni people and their sadness at the current atrocities occurring in the country.

Other Members of Parliament in attendance were Zach Goldsmith MP  and Lord John Taylor. Over 100 people came to the event to listen to the testimony of the speakers.