Yemen Raised in Business Questions

Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Local News

Keith raised the humanitarian crisis in Yemen in Business Questions to the Leader of the House of Commons, David Lidington MP.

The Backbench Business Committee has confirmed that there will be a debate on the conflict in Yemen, on Tuesday 28 March 2017.

Keith asked the Leader of the House:

“As the Leader of the House knows, next week marks the second anniversary of the conflict in Yemen that has resulted in the death of 10,000 Yemeni people and brought that country to the brink of famine. The Yemeni people now face the four horsemen of the apocalypse: al-Qaeda, Daesh, starvation and airstrikes. When can we have a debate on that important subject? Britain holds the pen on Yemen so far as that matter is concerned, and it is vital that the House is updated before Yemen slides into the greatest catastrophe of this century.”

David Lidington replied:

“We all share the right hon. Gentleman’s sense of horror at what has happened in Yemen. The British Government are extremely active in the international work, but it would be foolish to pretend that we have a quick and easy solution to this conflict. We continue to support the tireless efforts of the UN special envoy to broker an agreement between the warring parties inside Yemen, just as we continue to commit large sums of our overseas aid budget to relieve humanitarian suffering in Yemen. That political work and that humanitarian work will continue.”